Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's Pillow Time

Get ready guys, because we're going to pimp your couch.  Today it's all about the awesome might of the pillow.

1.  Breakfast food pillows.
Hell yes.
Not only do these things come in pancake, coffee bean and toast shapes, but egg as well.  There is also a bacon pillow.

2.  While on the topic of food, ThinkGeek is currently offering some badass sushi pillows:

Because Japan.

If only I could get a pillow with the DOS prompt on it.  Oh wait.
And for you Mac users, there's something special for you guys.

6.  Ronery pillows.  Both for guys and girls.
So ronery...

8.  Gun pillows.  As well as grenades.

They'll put you to sleep forever.

Still awesome even though unavailable.

"Lololol XDXD!"


ashleyspace said...

love the japanese one

Final Fantasy XIV Fan said...

:) My favorite is the ctrl alt delete xD except it's in the wrong order

CS said...

I really like the Ctrl+Alt+Del pillows. But that's just the nerd in me.

The book pillow is pretty clever too.

NinjaZombie said...

Fucking great pillows man.

Odd Oklahoman said...

I absolutely HAVE to have one of those blood-pool pillows