Saturday, October 2, 2010

Awesome Computer Mice

Is your computer desk dull and boring?  Clearly you're in need of a more interesting mouse; check these bad boys out:

1.  Nintendo Mice
Awesome, but looks like it could be uncomfortable at times.
Fuck yeah!

2.  Cursor mice.

3.  The Soap mouse.


4.  Car mice.

5.  Body mice.

6.  Phone mouse.
There's also a keypad mouse.

7.  Mouse mouse.
Best mouse ever.


Style said...

Haha I might have to pick me up one of the NES controller ones.

Ergine said...

Love the mouse mouse... I'd buy that !

That Which Haunts said...

POWER GLOVE MOUSE OH SHEEIT SON. Looks cumbersome but so fun.

thecatzpajamas said...

lmao i love this!

Mez said...

Mouse mouse FUCK YEAH!

Gregorius said...

Lol that's freaking brilliant! I really want a cursor mouse :D

The Reviever said...

Haha I want the Mario one :D